Herbal Apprenticeships

Year 1: The Call of the Plants

The Call of The Plants is everything I ever longed for in an herbal program.  When I heard my own call to start an herb school ten years ago, I thought deeply about what I really believed were the essential facets of plant medicine, those components of healing that both bring us home to ourselves and push our edges of growth and understanding. My experience as an herbalist, teacher and plant lover has been that when you say yes to the call, say yes to committing yourself to being a steward of herbalism, that learning the plants’ medicine leads you on a path of learning your personal medicine as well. They are interwoven with each other.

This is a three season long in-depth journey into the world of the healing plants. We begin our time together in March as the earth is quickening and the seeds are beginning to emerge and we close our circle in November as the plants send their energy back down into the deep soil of the Earth. This apprenticeship is designed to give a solid foundation in the essential skills of herbalism through direct plant connection. Our classroom is fourteen acres of land on which an abundance of medicinal plants thrive both in the wild and in cultivated medicine gardens. We have a beautiful pavilion we meet in as a classroom base and we get to observe hawks, fawns, rabbits, and such an abundance of wildlife along with being immersed in the medicine of this rural land.

This apprenticeship is kept intentionally small. I take no more than fifteen students. This allows us to go deep with each other and cover a wide range of material. The feedback I often receive is that we cover in nine months what many schools cover in two years. When you graduate from this apprenticeship you will have the skills and knowledge to tend your family and community using herbal medicine.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Plant Identification
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Wildcrafting: Ethics and Skills
  • Apothecary Practices
  • Plant Spirit Work
  • Herbal Actions and Energetics
  • Fermented Foods and Beverages
  • Materia Medica of local plants
  • Flower Essences
  • Herbal Formulating
  • Growing Herbs
  • Field Trips

Classes are held one weekend a month in Scottsville VA. We begin on Friday at 7:00 with an opening monthly fire circle in the evening and end on Sunday at 4:00. This allows for a level of immersion that will enable so much more learning to happen. Apprentices are welcome to camp on the land or stay at near-by lodging. If long distance travel is involved, individual accommodations can be made for Sunday night. There are 148 class hours and tuition is $2200 and covers all materials. A $250 deposit and interview by phone or in person are required to reserve your spot. Flexible monthly payment plans are available.

For more information, contact owlcrafthealingways@gmail.com.

Class dates for 2020 are: March 20-22, April 24-26, May 22-24, June 26-28, July 17-19, August 14-16, September 11-13, October 16-18, and November 13-15.

Gather the Wild: A Hands-on Herbal Apprenticeship

This seven month apprenticeship is an opportunity to spend time outside on fourteen acres of sanctuary land immersed in direct hands-on experience with the plants. Each class session we will spend the morning learning to connect deeply with a specific plant through experiential exercises designed to deeply engage all of your senses and facilitate building relationship with the green world of the healing herbs. We will then wander afield and discover what wild plants are in abundance and learn the medicine and gifts each plant has to share. The afternoon will be spent making herbal medicines using the fresh plants we gathered together. On the last class session there will be a medicine share of all we have created together so each apprentice will go home with medicines to start building their home apothecary.

This apprenticeship is suitable for both absolute beginners and those further along their path of study who are craving more focused outside time with the plants.

Class is held one Saturday a month 9:30-3:30 May-November.
Tuition is $800.00. Monthly payment plans available.
There is a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot.
Dates of classes will be May 30, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 19, October 24, and November 21.

Year 2: The Green Path

This program will meet again in 2021.

The second year of the 9-Month Herbal Apprenticeship, The Green Path, is designed to nourish and support you as you continue to deepen relationship with the many forms of healing so readily available. The healing of the plants, the healing of self, and the healing you will bring to your community as an herbalist. There will be an advanced exploration of the energetics of self, plants, body systems, and patterns of dis-ease. With an introduction to mentored clinical settings, you will begin to learn how to hold space for a client during an intake, how to assess the client’s needs, and how to respond and create a formula to enable support and healing. Woven throughout the program are the plant spirit practices that are so vital to working in deep healing relationship with the plants and people. This depth of spirit work is what will be your guide as you create and walk your own path as an herbalist.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Building a Working Apothecary
  • Plant Spirit Practices
  • Clinical Skills (including Art of the Intake, Assessment, Formulating, and Record Keeping)
  • Energetics (including Body Systems, Materia Medica, Herbal Formulas, Patterns of Dis-ease)
  • Advanced Medicine Making
  • Deepening Connection to Self and the Plants

Classes are held in Scottsville VA, 9:30-3:00 on Tuesdays starting March 6th and run through November 12th.  There are 148 class hours and tuition is $2200 and covers all materials. A $250 deposit and an interview by phone or in person are required to reserve your spot. Class does not meet every fourth Wednesday. Flexible payment plans are available. For more information, contact owlcrafthealingways@gmail.com.