Weekend Workshops

Information about upcoming weekend workshops in 2020 is coming soon. Take a look at the weekend workshops previously offered at Owlcraft for a taste of what’s to come! Keep an eye on Owlcraft Healing Way’s Facebook for updates.

Sacred Fire: Practical Skills and Relationship with guest teachers David and Lena Welker (dates to be announced soon)

Fire-making is about relationship.  I know that one would think it is about fire, but it is not.  Fire is what happens when all of the relationships are working.  First is your relationship to the wood you will use, the tinder materials, the kindling, the firewood itself.  Which woods will give you the kind of fire you need?  Next are your relationships with air, water, tools, and spirit.  You will be calling on an ancient relationship forged between mankind and fire for millennia before your birth.  To begin to understand these relationships and enter into them is the essence of fire-making.  It is the beginning of a journey that can change the foundations of your understanding of the world.

Day 1: Day 1 is spent learning about one-match fires, flint and steel, and the plants that help us to bring light and heat into the world.

Day 2: On Day 2, you will make your own bow-drill set and learn to make a fire with it. We will also be learning about tinder.

Registration Single Class: $75.00     Deposit $35.00

Both classes: $135.00     Deposit $50.00

All materials included.

Herbal tea will be provided. Please bring a bag lunch.

About the Instructors: David and Lena Welker are the head instructors of Blue Heron Outdoor School.  David grew up in the woods, miles from the nearest neighbor.  He has spent most of his adult life teaching others about the outdoors.  Lena has been an herbalist for almost 30 years.  But it is only recently that she found her true calling, using herbs to treat emotional/spiritual issues.  David and Lena have been married and teaching together for 14 years.  Their relationship with each other creates a synergy that makes their classes a deep, heart felt experience.